R. Hundro - Invisible On Report

Invisible On Report Front (blank).jpg
Invisible On Report Front (blank).jpg

R. Hundro - Invisible On Report


Invisible on Report CD LP


Wharf Cat Records

Release Date: 9/2/14

Wholesale Cost: $4.99


Colin White





Big French, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Guerilla Toss


R. Hundro is the solo project of Colin White, shredder from Big French and Blanche Blanche Blanche’s Breaking Mirrors.  R. Hundro’s official debut, comin straight from the parallel universe. Created in our time, but definitely not in the reality we all know and love.  This is rock n roll music, only the forms been cut up and reorganized into a web of disembodied grooves and melodies, guitar solos, and beats that sound like a clockwork machine unwinding – all held together by some questionable alien substance.  The 14 tracks fade in and out of this web, never really finding an outlet to deliver the climax you want.  Makes the whole thing impossibly consistent, like it was cranked out by some handcrafted machine.  Good drivin music.  For being made in the parallel universe, R. Hundro’s guitar playing sounds suspiciously human…

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