Posse - Perfect H 7"


Posse - Perfect H 7"


TBR 2/26/16

** The first edition of this record is SOLD OUT; this pre-order is for the second edition, which will be ready in early May **

Seattle 3 piece, Posse follow up their 2014 album, Soft Opening with this limited edition 7” featuring jacket artwork by artist Sam Falls.  The two tracks on the Perfect H 7” are constructed with intricately layered guitars, propulsive drumming and Paul Wittmann-Todd and Sacha Maxim’s hushed vocals.  These two eerily beautiful dreamscapes are sure to demand repeated spins, and satiate the Posse fan looking for some new tracks from their favorite pacific northwestern minimalists.

Words from Posse"You're on the phone: the person on the other end is talking. You hear a voice, you hear voices: from behind you, around you. Reminiscent of people, places, things, stuff you cared about, stuff you never gave a shit about. Listening now, barely audible over the noise coming through the receiver, you feel connections you can't quite articulate: the colors of time, gradients, cycles, trees, boundaries, nothingness.  What's that? Someone is trying to get your attention. On the receiver, the other end of the line: sounds like you? Maybe? They're trying to get you to stop talking. They're saying they hear voices. You want to hang up, but the phone is not a phone. The phone is a switch. You throw the switch, the lights go out, and you're left in the darkness, alone."

Edition of 300 records. Additional artists participating in this 7” series are Mick Barr and Carson Cox.


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