Parquet Courts/Joey Pizza Slice - Split 7"

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JPS vs PC Split Cover.png
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Parquet Courts/Joey Pizza Slice - Split 7"


OUT ON 8/14!


Parquet Courts

Son of Salami

Joey Pizza Slice

Parkay Quartz


A - Joey Pizza Slice - Picture of Health (Parquet Courts)

B - Parquet Courts - Pretty Girls (Joey Pizza Slice)


Wharf Cat Records is excited to announce this split release by two of our very favorite artists, Parquet Courts and Joey Pizza Slice.  Each one has long admired the other's catalog through various incarnations and releases.  Now they get a chance to cover one another’s songs.  On the A Side Joey Pizza Slice (AKA Son of Salami) gives tribute to the angular guitar churn of the Parquet Courts' 'Picture of Health,' filling the vocals with helium and letting them loose like balloons into a hazy summer sky.  On the flip the Parquet Courts turn Joey's synth pop masterpiece, 'Pretty Girls,' into the perfect  summer jam that will get you stoked about cloudy days and being ignored all the time - it's just a matter of perspective after all!  This is a balanced and involving 7" comprised of 2 tracks sure to help keep you cool well into the dog days.  

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