Horoscope - Carne.

Horoscope - Carne - Square Cover Image.jpg
Horoscope - Carne - Square Cover Image.jpg

Horoscope - Carne.

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The all new Horoscope record Mastered by Carl Saff. 1-50 are hand numbered.

About Carne.

Carne. is the new record by Rene J. Nunez-Cabrera, who performs and records under the name Horoscope. Carne., the third in a trilogy of records for Wharf Cat Records, presents a blurred tension between the roots of traditional Cuban music and a yearning for detachment and freedom from nostalgia. While exploring his Cuban-American culture and its history in electro-acoustics and melodramatics, Nunez-Cabrera creates a song-cycle that is both abstract and autobiographical.

Carne. was written and performed by Nunez-Cabrera, using synth, tape, vocals, clave, and effects, and features Elsner Nino and Cesar Toribio on percussion, Dory Bello on vocals, Drew McDowall on vibraphone, and Mickey D. Grand, IV, on saxophone and composition. Recorded in Brooklyn, New York, with additional source material recorded in Miami, Florida, in 2018. Mastered by Carl Saff.

About Horoscope

Horoscope is Rene J. Nunez-Cabrera, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, and released his debut El Espejo y el Mar on Wharf Cat in 2015. This was followed by the Misogyny Stone LP on Wharf Cat in 2017 and the Nature Will Keep Growing Even After You Have Lost Everything 12” on Ascetic House. Although Nunez-Cabrera has performed regularly in the New York City area and toured the U.S., early 2019 saw the first Horoscope performances in Europe. After the release of the Carne. LP in 2019, Horoscope will be touring the U.S. and Europe once again.

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