About Palberta

In their formative years, Palberta’s live performances often involved moments of synchronized dancing and humorous performance art in between or during songs. Touring the states extensively, they developed a reputation as a “must-see” live band on the DIY circuit. Over the course of the last five years, they've honed in on a distinct and arresting sound, incorporating gorgeous three-part harmonies into their chaotic grooves and working with a slew of talented musicians from within their circle. Eventually the mercurial nature of their early performances began to manifest itself in their music, with each Palberta release proving to be more full of surprises than the last.

Roach Goin' Down is Palberta's most impressive album to date. Twenty-two tracks combine the band's signature frenetic instrumentation with a thoroughly developed pop sensibility that fans merely glimpsed on previous releases. The songs are lovingly crafted and shine with the confidence of a band discovering new musical possibilities and having a blast doing it. As usual, their excitement is sonically palpable, yet this time it's grounded by a lyrical nuance and newfound melancholy that gives the record an air of maturity compared to previous releases.

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Palberta - Roach Goin' Down
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Palberta / No One And The Somebodies - Chips for Dinner
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