The Oldd News EP is our dear friend Jamie Kanzlerʼs final recording. It was completed in the summer of 2013 in New Orleans, LA just before Jamie passed. Recorded directly into an overdriven computer microphone, the 6 tracks on The Oldd News EP feature shredding, distorted acoustic guitars and emotionally bare lyrics.

The Oldd News EP will be released in conjunction with “September Spring,” the first performance- based work by artist Sam Falls, Kanzlerʼs god brother and frequent collaborator. “September Spring” will be on view at The Kitchen Gallery from September 9th – October 10th, 2015. At the installation, Kanzlerʼs songs will act as the sound program to a choreographed dance piece performed by Hart of Gold (dancers Jessie Gold and Elizabeth Hart).

This is a limited edition of 330 records featuring jacket artwork by Sam Falls. The records will be on sale at The Kitchen Gallery from September 10th – October 10th, Printed Matter, Inc. and on our website at www.wharfcatrecords.com. All proceeds from the sale of this record will go to benefit The Jamie Kanzler Foundation (http://www.jamiekanzlerfund.org/).


Oldd News - The Oldd News EP
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