Macula Dog is a 4-person electronic duo from New York City, making music that is just as much pop as the performers are human; its unclear. Mechanical instrumentation played with an inebriated-mule-like precision. They played their first show in January 2014, and quickly added members Mark and Bruce to take on additional space. The band released their self-titled EP on Haord Records in October 2014, with a subsequent reissue on Ramp Local! (Wharf Cat subsidiary) in Mid-2015. While becoming known for their theatrical live shows across the Northeast US, Macula Dog has made numerous TV and radio appearances, with live sets on WNYU's New Afternoon Show, Know-Wave radio, and The Special Without Brett Davis, and additionally with themes for Adult Swim's Live Crossword Puzzle show, and NYC public access programming.

Macula Dog will now release their debut full length LP, Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? Asking, do we begin to look like our "dog"? Or are we looking for a "dog" like us? Did intense collaboration and cohabitation morph its participants into one legal unit or act as the initial hammer-blow to the wedge of disownment? Can a fabricated family adopt the nuclear bonds of its atomic counterpart? "WDYLLYD" is much like a rock: very accessible but too much to swallow. 


BACK IN! Macula Dog - Why Do You Look Like Your Dog?
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