Joey Agresta is a former north New Jerseyan who now lives with his wife and cat above a Burlington Vermont junk shop (where he also works). Let's Not Talk About Music was created over the course of three years with Agresta arranging, performing, recording, and mixing it in the cozy confines of his bedroom studio. Though many devices were used in the recording of this album computers were completely avoided and the majority was done on the Akia MG-614 (1/8" cassette 4 track) and MG-1214 (1/2" cassette 12 track).

Appreciators of the New England underground might know Joey from his days of recording bizarre songs on erase headless, multi layering, portable tape recorders under various, food themed, pseudonyms (Joey Pizza Slice, Son of Salami, Salami Junior, ect..) and his releases on the venerable Night People and Feeding Tube labels (as well as countless self released and custom, one-off cassettes). Agresta's songs have also been admired by some very above-ground acts over the years, among them Future Islands and The Parquet Courts -- the later split a 7" with Agresta in 2015.

Contained here are songs of a hopeful sadness that mirror the darkness of these times and the decaying heart of the songsmith. This is Agresta's most personal and sincere work thus far, sounding much more sonically refined than his grittier past exploits. But in a world filled with so much talk perhaps its best we say no more, as the title suggests, and let the music speak for itself.


Joey Agresta - Let's Not Talk About Music
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