La Peste Live in Boston 1979 DVD

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La Peste DVD.JPG

La Peste Live in Boston 1979 DVD


-Live in Boston 1979 DVD by Jan Crocker with the following 21 song set list:

Don’t Want to Die in My Sleep Tonight
Please Love Sex
Whites of Your Eyes
I Don’t know Right from Wrong
Someone Somewhere
Not Today
Better Off Dead
Acid Test
Color Scheme
Kill Me Now
Spy Master
You’re Too Cute
Hold on to Love
Kindness Invites Abuse
Let Me Sleep
Pop Rock Polls
Skin Tight


La Peste was at the fore front of the Boston Punk Rock scene in 1979_80. Their music was, and still is, an addictive power buzz saw style totally unique unto itself. If you ever, or never saw them play, this DVD is the closest thing your going to get to riding a time machine back to watch La Peste rip it up again. The DVD features a full show filmed in Boston 1979, Six Additional Videos, and the Audio_Pix Gallery containing another six clips. Twenty videos total with the following songs:


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