Jeff Zagers - Chu's Musings Trill (Soft Science Tape Box Set)

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Jeff Zagers - Chu's Musings Trill (Soft Science Tape Box Set)


These are all of Jeff Zager's original releases leading up to the forthcoming LP in one tight package.  Released by our good friends at Soft Science with a beautiful packaging.  Here is what you get:

-CHU's Blues - Recorded 2009 - 2010 and originally released on I Just Live Here

-Fold: The Tale of Table - Recorded 2010 - 20111 and originally released on Stay Away From Ghosts

-Key Conduction - Recorded 2010 - 2012 and originally released on Human Conduct

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Soft Science Records - SOFT006

"A full-bodied complex cut of splice composition dedicated to the translation of strong energy into each take, in conjunction with the "the dissecting ear"."

-Human Conduct

"For all this year's synthesizer music, that uses incredibly expensive equipment to sound like cheap presets, I like Zager's use of MIDI more, hitting upon those "new age" tones, while live instruments, such as drums and saxophone cascade in vague emulation of a Coltrane's spiritual pursuits through jazz."

-Brian Nicholson

"Fearlessly gentle, the album proceeds through various weird realities. The production barely conceals terrifying chasms under a veneer of "vacation" keyboard beats."

-Cassette Gods