El Tryptophan - Guilt Vacation LP

Guilt Vacation - Front Cover.jpg
Guilt Vacation - Front Cover.jpg

El Tryptophan - Guilt Vacation LP


Guilt Vacation is out on 11/20!!

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I have to say that this music simply blew my mind. You people are GENIUS. It's everything I WANT from music, and from art. It's everywhere, yet nowhere familiar. It's new, yet somehow it makes the past seem present, in a way that's intriguing, confounding, and refreshingly real. And the sequence from song to song, it's brilliant. Such a baroque journey. - Kramer

El Tryptophan has in his blood what so many others want: a truly fearless creative spirit. - Peter Himmelman

El Tryptophan's music is as interesting as it is original. He's going to make a big, wonderful splash. - Peter Yarrow

All songs written and produced by Gryphon Rue


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