Albert DeMuth - S/T LP


Albert DeMuth - S/T LP


The day has come that Albert DeMuth(myself) has released his debut album. Over two years in the making.

This self titled affair features songs about household objects, paintings, employment opportunities, and small bouts of spite.

Sung in English with small bits of rudimentary french, the majority of the record was conceived in a Cambridge bedroom.

Upstairs from that bedroom was the French consulate in Cambridge. The same French consulate that installed an ungrounded
electrical outlet on the front porch. The same front porch that caught on fire due to the outlet. The fire that caused me to move to Rhode Island.

The state where I finished the album. 

This debut comes in a double sided silk screened enclosure adding up to five striking colors.
The album then wrapped in what some may say to be 24 karat gold wrapping paper* 

Sealed with nontoxic glue to separate the collectors from the listeners. 
8 samples of solitude lay within the enclosure.
Featuring the soon to be hit songs "Finally Found A Job" and "Econolite" - An ode to a lamp that was broken in the mail. 

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