Wet Hair - The Floating World (Digital Download)

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WCR 050 - Wet Hair - The Floating World - Font Cover Image.jpg

Wet Hair - The Floating World (Digital Download)

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Considered by the band as their most fully realized statement, The Floating World is a snapshot of the last chapter of Wet Hair's tenure as central players in the Midwestern DIY experimental music scene. Wet Hair finished the year long writing and recording process fresh off an eventful West Coast tour with Merchandise right before all three members of the band decided to part ways with their longtime residence in Iowa City. The tracks were recorded and mixed at Flat Black Studios in Iowa City and were mastered by Carl Saff. Reed finished the striking jacket artwork in early 2017 -- a collage reflecting on the Japanese concept of ukiyo ("The Floating World") as it relates to a feeling of American suburban emptiness and longing.  


The Floating World is a kinetic collection of seven tracks that represent Wet Hair's most exciting, melodic and beautifully produced effort. On their follow up to Spill Into Atmosphere, Wet Hair revitalized their hybrid psych / krautrock / synth pop sound, masterfully working shimmering synth swells and fiery drum and bass grooves into pointed explorations of growth and texture. Working in a style that has traditionally drawn excitement from long sonic build-ups, Wet Hair keenly sculpt these jams so the electric musicality only highlights the pop vocal leads. Tracks like “Dear Danae” and “Revealing” revel in their allusion to noise-pop, offering up simple, ear worm melodies that shine in the frantic orchestration. “Endless Procession,” the record’s 8-minute long jaunt works through a haze of twittering synths toward the ultimate goal of full-blown catharsis and ensuing decay. Meanwhile, cuts like “Through The Night” and “Lift The Stone” show off Wet Hair’s rock-solid rhythm section as they syncopate and shred support for crunchy synth melodies. 


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