Votaries - Psychosymetry (Digital Download)

WCR 070 Votaries - Psychometry - Cover Image.gif
WCR 070 Votaries - Psychometry - Cover Image.gif

Votaries - Psychosymetry (Digital Download)

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After releasing two critically acclaimed albums that evaded the trappings of contemporary psychedelia, Jackson Scott’s heavily drone-rock and shoegaze influenced new outfit, Votaries, reasserts that an unabashed indifference to musical trends continues to suit his songwriting.

Undulating guitars and lyrics that wantonly explore themes of eradication, annihilation, temptation, rage, and paradise recall Spaceman 3’s drug-tinged insouciance, while ethereally layered vocal harmonies pay homage to the singular production achievements of pioneers like My Bloody Valentine.

The resulting sound is somehow greater than the sum of its parts. Songs like the rhythmically propelled “Delusion” and punchy, bass-driven “Rainbow Death Revisited” explore territories not yet charted by any of the greats and show that Psychometry, transcendent as it may be, is merely a hint of what is to come as Scott devoutly continues to push his musical boundaries.  ~ Limited edition of 500 records ~

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