The Ukiah Drag - Dirt Trip 7" (Digital Download)


The Ukiah Drag - Dirt Trip 7" (Digital Download)

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Dirt Trip / Poison Ivy



ZZ Rameriez

Thomas Conte

Brian “The Sultan” Hennessey

Andrew Eaton

Nick Klein

"The Ukiah Drag are Floridians in New England exile: haunted by grave, aberrant definitions of post punk and rock n' roll and what it ultimately means for the Superego to be blitzed by the Id.  The DIRT TRIP single is the band's first studio output, recorded by Ben Greenberg of The Men, and offers two menacing tracks. The eponymous A-side wields a heavy creep-beat that cleans your dusty clock and takes you for a bourbon afterwards; its slide guitar and echoplex'd vocals trail bloodthirsty sultans into synesthetic merriment.    

While "Dirt Trip" is self-conceited punk hypnosis, its B-side straddles its own warped precipice. An alka seltzer fizzing in swamp guts, the Drag's rendition of the Stones/Coasters classic "Poison Ivy" is a languid waltz for psychics, the sexually oblique and emotionally blasé. It's gonna take an ocean of calamine lotion to keep you from scratching its haunting chorus into your skull. But who wants to feel well when sickness imitates life? The Drag's personnel have played in such bands as American Snakeskin, Cult Ritual and Diet Cokeheads. But there is no mistaking their wall-eyed disparity from previous efforts..."

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