Dads - Invisible Blouse 7" (Digital Download)

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Invisible Cover 1.jpg

Dads - Invisible Blouse 7" (Digital Download)

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Invisible Blouse

Wharf Cat Records

Release Date: July 9, 2013


Cameron Worden

Carson Cox

David Vassalotti                                                         

Chris Horn                           

Wharf Cat Records is extremely excited to re-issue this classic record from the Tampa container crate scene. Dads' Invisible Blouse is a statement of positive and willful self-annulment. Recorded live (in mom's garage, to no audience,) "Invisible Blouse" rises above nothing. Instead, the song is a self-assured mess, finding no disparity between its grime, its bleated vocals, and its Who-leaning guitar line. All plodding drums, tension, and mosquito buzz, "Homo Concentration" looks in the opposite direction, neck craned sharply downward. Together, the A and B side showcase Dads as a band persistent in their desire to be the band Dads. A classic single to be shelved alongside "I Was There At The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" and "Surfin' with Steve and E.D. Amin," Invisible Blouseis the idiot's anthem of the future.

Dads have, for several years now, shared members and operated in parallel with a number of bands born of Tampa's underground music community including Merchandise, Cult Ritual, Neon Blud, and Church Whip, while also having retained a singular musical identity; of a piece with, but separate from the members' other bands. 

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