Cottaging - The Amyl Banshee E.P. (Digital Download)


Cottaging - The Amyl Banshee E.P. (Digital Download)

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RIYL: Chrome, Big Black, Pain Teens, Easter Monkeys


Wharf Cat Records is very excited to release this dirty gem. Though not the

first WC record released with the Cult Maternal LSD constituency-- most of them switch instruments and play in the Ukiah Drag-- it is their inaugural release with Cottaging, glued up, hard wired and produced and by Sean Halpin of Craow fame. AMYL BANSHEE puts their first single "Mise en Abyme" into a deeper, flanged out context without losing any sonic delusions...  


But isn’t delusion a hard thing to bag?  Six songs of unhinged, broken-mirror post punk spliced with stuttering tape collage and synth bile. It is driving and conventional in many ways but errs on the side of otherness; Cottaging uses a dupe print of your favorite bands but not before staining it with chemicals skimmed off the Providence River.


Log-splitting with a catchy unease, "Arco Iris" opens the EP like a sneaker in shit, planted in a miasma of guitar/bass warpage and caterwauling vocals. Guitar demons and a squelching sickness provoke the village punisher to rage it over and again. Songs like "Bermuda" and "Melted on the Rocks" take a more insidious approach, soaking mid tempo beats in big, groovy deaths. The most dogged psychic-anal zones are expanded with reversed bass lines and jagged vocal feedback in “Krystal’s Tune (Devil in Disguise)”. “FAS Eno” is as pulsating as it is sociopathic, cold on either side of the blade. “‘He was an idiot but also retarded’” is 2014’s answer to “Mongoloid” and throws the ugly baby out with the bathwater-- illustrative, no doubt. All songs pool together a hazed majesty, aesthetically similar to the garbage man’s rendition of STATION TO STATION played too fast.

WCR 020

Cottaging is the smartest anti-intellectual band in the West. For fans of broken delay pedals, Burroughs short stories, latex smells of halloween outlet stores and spy radio transmissions. Note: not a drugged out record as much as one for those committing to withdrawal.

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