Blanche Blanche Blanche - Breaking Mirrors LP (Digital Download)


Blanche Blanche Blanche - Breaking Mirrors LP (Digital Download)

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Breaking Mirrors


Release Date: September 13, 2013 


Zach Phillips: prophet 600 synthesizer,songs, arrangements, prod.

Sarah Smith: vocals, songs 

Quentin Moore: guitar

Colin White: guitar

Adam Steck: bass

Jo Miller-Gamble: e-drums, drumset

Mike Kutchman: engineering, prod.

Sarah Smith and Zach Phillips are nonidiomatic lyricists practicing Open Session Rock. Recent transplants from Brattleboro, VT to Brooklyn, NY, they’ve performed live with the Howling Hex, Grass Widow, Gary War, Lightning Bolt, King Tuff, Chris Cohen, Merchandise, Happy Birthday, DIIV, Fat Worm of Error, Felix Kubin, Ryan Power, and so on. As BBB, since 2010 they’ve written and recorded seven full length records on multitrack cassette, released on NNA, Night People, Feeding Tube, La Station Radar and OSR. Breaking Mirrors is their first album recorded in a professional studio with a live band following the traditional period of demoing and rehearsal.

BBB have an unusual approach to songwriting and recording methodology. They put a premium on studied instability and the onus on lyrical polyvalence. Their songs are often difficult to play but easy to hear. On Breaking Mirrors, their arrangements are sparer than ever, their structures clearer and better defined; but the band seems to have taken advantage of the high fidelity recording environment to invite more elements of noise, chance and chaos into their song environments, splattering flecks of paint on the Sharpie blueprints. Lyrically, the record takes up the theme of negotiating an increasingly overfed and spiritually bankrupt symbolic economy, hitting on the marketing of an aesthetics of dissent (“That’s The Ad,” “Fisted”), the monstrous progeny of entertainment culture (“Grey Pet,” “TED Talks”) and pleas for another kind of experience (“I Just Wanna Know,” “Arrive Alive”). 

Zach Phillips: " for Breaking Mirrors we wrote material designed to be played in unison by a rock instrumentation against a vocal countermelody . the bassist & guitarists were provided with melodies in the form of series of named eighth notes ( 3F 4E 2A 2C , begins "Fisted" ) but were free to determine their movement between octave registers . few chords are played ; on most songs , the base instrumentation is ostensibly monophonic . Breaking Mirrorswas recorded mostly live to 2" tape with some first-take overdubbing in the interest of attitudinal counterpoint , intended less to reinforce than to destabilize . Jo Miller-Gamble (drums & e-drums , c.f Great Valley ) , Quentin Moore (guitar , c.f Big French) , Adam Steck (bass) & Colin White (guitar) brought this album off the page and into the air with their intuitive interpretation of the script & their many intentional and accidental contributions . Mike Kutchman , engineer at Kutch1 studios in Greenpoint, NY , became a collaborator via the recording process . for more information , check out the rhythms , and check out what Sarah's singing .

 "Open Session Rock”
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