The music of Boulders locates itself on the outside spiral of rock n roll’s self-annihilating feedback loop. One or two bar chords and some hastily improvised lyrics about girls, parking lots, or hygiene will suffice. Strangled and rigid, a Boulders song is as much an archetype as a Ramones song, albeit with less subtlety and a longer runtime. Much like those glue-sniffing masters, Boulders recognize the only true language of the present is repetition. Rock n roll must never learn from its mistakes, or else it risks relevancy.

One of the final recordings made at the legendary Heinrich’s Workshop, Rock N Roll Will Never Diecaptures Boulders with little editorializing. No overdubs, no second takes, everything as it was initially performed, Boulders in all their austerity and spectacular unadornment.